LYOD and Alexis Troy continue fruitful collaboration on hypnotic new single ‘Ricarda’

The German artist builds the anticipation for his upcoming EP
LYOD – ‘Ricarda’ (out 14th June | OUT FIT)

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Following the release of his acclaimed debut album late last year, rising producer LYOD continues his next release trail with the thrilling new single ‘Ricarda’ with German producer Alexis Troy, out 14th June on OUT FIT.

‘Ricarda’, the second single from LYOD’s upcoming Nightfall EP following last month’s ‘Dread’, stands out with its unforgettable vocal sample that instantly gets in your head. The track weaves together pulsating beats and atmospheric layers, creating a sonic experience

that\’s both hypnotic and invigorating. It\’s a testament to LYOD\’s signature style and co-producer Alexis Troy\’s creative synergy.

This release is special not only for its catchy, dancefloor-ready vibe but also for the way it encapsulates the essence of Nightfall—a journey through the darker, more introspective sides of electronic music while still delivering an irresistible groove.

With the Nightfall EP LYOD steps into the night, away from the sun and towards the artificial lights of the dark hours. With a soundscape that is both matured and imbued with a darker tone, LYOD still keeps his signature of infusing emotion and soul into his skillful productions, with all songs on the EP produced together with German multi platinum producer Alexis Troy.

The EP is the hotly anticipated follow-up to the German artist’s captivating debut LP, Forgot How You Dance, which was released to much hype last year after a string of successful singles.

For 24-year-old LYOD, whose real name is Niklas Heidkamp and who hails from Cologne, anything is possible: he was already crafting his first tracks at the age of ten, and last year alone he produced a good dozen songs. Despite his young age, he has already amassed over 80 million streams, released an official remix for Dutch star DJ Sam Feldt and provided the music for the German Google Pixel Campaign with ‘Never Fall’.

\”I pay a lot of attention to little details that you often don\’t hear that way, but that makes it special for me,\” LYOD explains. Behind this, you can guess, is a lot of work – and it\’s a testament to LYOD\’s great talent that you can\’t hear this in his music at any second. Quite the opposite: it sounds as effortless as a day at the beach.

‘Ricarda’ builds on LYOD’s growing catalogue with his new partner-in-crime Alexis Troy. The results are as expected: a darkly irresistible groove that lives long in the memory.