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NEW Resident: Ralph Derìs joined our Radio DJ Team

Ralph Derìs - Deep & House Thursday 22:00 (10pm) CEST FOLLOW https://soundcloud.com/dj-ralph-deris https://www.mixcloud.com/ralphderis/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX_NLSyUhwJTT2OsVt0Kddw
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NEW Resident: Alver Deejay joined our Radio DJ Team

Alver Deejay - Live Set Thursday 21:00 / 9 pm CEST
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NEW Show: TN1! SHOW hosted by Miss Oz

Wednesday 21:00 / 9pm TN1! Radio show is the Joy official radio show, an eclectic electronic music hosted by Miss...
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NEW Resident: Lucas Orosei joined our Radio DJ Team

Lucas Orosei - Magic Tribe Session Saturday 21:00 / 9 pm CEST Follow https://instagram.com/lucasorosei https://soundcloud.com/user-lucas-orosei
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NEW Resident: Marcovits joined our Radio DJ Team

Marcovits - Ruido Futuro Saturday 14:00 / 2pm CEST FOLLOW https://soundcloud.com/marcovitsmusic
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NEW Resident: Hevi Levi joined our Radio DJ Team

Hevi Levi - Buckle Up Wednesday 21:00 (9pm) CEST FOLLOW https://soundcloud.com/hevi-levi https://www.instagram.com/hevilevi/ https://www.youtube.com/c/HEVILEVI/featured
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NEW Resident: Mark Wizeman joined our Radio DJ Team

Mark Wizeman - Techno Sessions Monday 18:00 (6pm) CEST FOLLOW https://soundcloud.com/markwizemanofficial https://www.mixcloud.com/MarkWizeman/
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Mickael Espinosa – LTU Session #22 | Free Download

► Artist https://soundcloud.com/mickaelespinosa TRACKLIST Ramoss x Jey Mellen - Melaza (Original Mix) Gabriele Toma - Mi Ritmo (Original Mix) Skonka...
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NEW Resident: Younahn (IT) joined our Radio DJ Team

Younahn (IT) - DEEPARTMENT Friday 23:00 (11pm) CEST FOLLOW https://soundcloud.com/younhan
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NEW Resident: Aiwro Grutto joined our Radio DJ Team

Wednesday – 17:00 (5pm) CEST I am Aiwro Grutto Dj from Scotland.I playng electronic music styles such as ”Melodic Tech...
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